Grilletta e Porsugnacco

(by Johann Adolph Hasse)

Grilleta e Porsugnacco
Grilleta e Porsugnacco

Co-production of the Zarzuela Theater of Madrid and the Juan March Foundation

Premiere September 22, 2023

Grilleta e Porsugnacco is a baroque intermezzo. This theatrical genre, which had its main epicenters in Naples and Venice, served as burlesque entertainment during the intermissions of serious opera.

Grilletta e Porsugnacco, a work by the famous Johann Adolph Hasse based on a libretto by Molière, participates in the conventions of commedia dell'arte to narrate the goings-on of a young maid interested in marrying a wealthy bourgeois. The work premiered in Naples in 1727, and would be taken to the court of Madrid at the request of the singer Farinelli, around two decades later.

The manuscript preserved in the Royal Library of Madrid serves as the basis for this first interpretation in modern times.

Creative team

Musical direction: Javier Ulises Illán

Stage direction: Rita Cosentino

Space : Esther Garrido and Rita Cosentino

Costume Design. Gabriela Hilario

Lighting design: Eduardo Bartrina


Natalia Labourdette: soprano

David Menéndez: baritone

Aarón Martín: actor

Nereyda: baroque orchestra


Grilleta e Porsugnacco
Grilleta e Porsugnacco
Grilleta e Porsugnacco
Grilleta e Porsugnacco

Fotografías: Dolores Iglesias / Archivo Fundación Juan March

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