La Canterina

(by Joseph Haydn)

Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht

(by J. S. Bach)

La Canterina - La Cantata del Café

Little Opera Festival

Premieres August 6, 2023

La Canterina (by Joseph Haydn) it is a short comic opera that narrates the love intrigues and deceptions of Gasparina, a cunning singer who takes advantage of the admiration of two men to achieve her own goals.

With its humor and comically costumed characters, Haydn's work offers a playful take on romantic entanglements and ruthless ambitions in the world of music.

The Coffee Cantata (de J.S. Bach) it is a masterpiece that uses coffee as a backdrop to offer a fun and satirical representation of the society and daily life of its time.

It was probably written between 1732 and 1735 and, although it is classified as a cantata and was premiered in concert form, it is essentially a small comic opera that is currently performed on stage, as it combines musical elements from opera, choral music and instrumental music, creating a fun and entertaining work that, at the same time, offers a subtle criticism of the society of the time.

Through his witty text, written by Christian Friedrich Henrici, and his brilliant composition, Bach manages to portray social life and human behaviors with a unique blend of irony and musical charm.

Creative team

Luis Aguirre: conductor

Rita Cosentino: director

Alejandra Requeijo: set and costume

Lía Alves: light designer

Sonor ensemble

Sebastián Mariné: clave

José Manuel Sánchez: repetiteur


La Canterina

Natalia Labourdette: soprane

Marc Sala: tenor

Javier Povedano: barítone

Anna Cabrera: soprane

Pepe Hannan: tenor

Roberto Vizán: actor

Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht

Lieschen: Natalia Labourdette

Schlendrian: Javier Povedano

Speaker: Marc Sala


La Canterina - La Cantata del Café
La Canterina - La Cantata del Café
La Canterina - La Cantata del Café
La Canterina - La Cantata del Café

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