Mozart y Salieri

(N. Rimski-Kórsakov)

Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov

Juan March Foundation - Madrid (Spain)

Palacio de Hualles, Santander International Festival - (Spain)

Première April 22, 2017

The staging concept is a journey that begins on an imaginary stormy night (the present) when Salieri decides to fulfil his destiny and remove Mozart from history. It then continues after the event with the great question, Was Antonio Salieri the murderer?

The production invites the audience to relive this double tragedy of life and death, and think beyond the narrow frame of the anecdote.

On the one hand, Mozart's passing, which continues to overwhelm us today with the desolate image of his burial and the reasons for his death. And on the other hand, the life of Antonio Salieri, marked by glory and misfortune. His greatest sin may well have been to have lived too long to detect his artistic and intellectual decline, intensified by a sense of guilt and remorse for a death —Mozart— whose main motive, their rivalry, made him the main suspect.

Long after that night in 1791, Antonio Salieri's weak mind is no longer filled with music and instead, blurred memories that marked his life. These memories return to him over and over again, driving him insane as he struggles to confront their terrifying presence, or perhaps as a way of convincing himself that that fateful night never existed.

The rain is falling. It’s cold outside, and the gale is erasing the tracks.

Vienna, on an October evening in 1791.

The opera begins.

Creative team

Conductor and pianist: Borja Mariño

Director: Rita Cosentino

Video Creation: Celeste Carrasco

Projections: Yann-Loïc Lambert

Soundscape Design: Gabriel Skármeta

Scenographic Space: Antonio Bartolo

Costumes: Gabriela Salaverri

Lighting: Fer Lazaro

Supervision: David Izura


Salieri: Ivo Stanchev

Mozart: Pablo García López

Beggar, Violinist: Fran Parrado

Servant, Gravedigger, Salieri’s aide: Rafa Rivero

A co-production with the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Juan March Foundation, Madrid.

Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov


Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov
Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov
Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov
Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov
Mozart y Salieri de Rimsky -Korsakov

Photography: Dolores Iglesias - Juan March Foundation Archive


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